With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to legendary game creator Hideo Kojima’s new studio, Newsbeat shows the making of Death Stranding – the debut game from Kojima Productions in Tokyo, released in November, 2019.

Hideo Kojima is one of the industry’s most famous and influential characters, described as the Spielberg of gaming. The cameras follow Hideo Kojima in the final days of Death Stranding’s production. It’s a science fiction title that Kojima tells us was made as a reaction to Donald Trump and Brexit. He claims it could change how players from across the world interact in future, and the gaming community is hoping for something truly innovative.

Filmed over three days at the studio – this world exclusive documentary gains a unique insight into the unorthodox methods of one of gaming most successful people, finds out more about the influences shaping this mysterious game and ahead of its release and asks – can it really live up to the hype surrounding it?

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