‘Do it for the culture’, a statement made by the group Migos back in 2017, ultimately referring to doing something to help build a collective, rich and diverse culture rather than just being in it for the money. In a time where the cultural industry is taking one of the biggest hits by an unforeseen and still unpredictable crisis, this frame of mind is more relevant than ever.

Additionally, this generation of consumers is naturally demanding. Not just when it comes to the quality of any product, but also when it comes to intentions. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, a clothing company, a record label or an artist, the expectation is that you are capable of adding value to the community you’re serving. And it better be authentic. In light of the current crisis, in this panel we talked about why it’s important to invest in culture. We discuss the power of contemporary culture, and how, with the right attitude, it can help grow your brand and contribute to the growth of communities.

(Re)watch the full debate below. 

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