Do it for the culture’, a statement made by none other than Migos back in 2017, ultimately referring to doing something to help build a collective, rich and diverse culture rather than just being in it for the money. In a time where the cultural industry is taking one of the biggest hits by an unforeseen and still unpredictable crisis, this frame of mind is more relevant than ever. Additionally, this generation of consumers is naturally demanding. Not just when it comes to the quality of any product, but also when it comes to intentions. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, a clothing company, a record label or an artist, the expectation is that you are capable of adding value to the community you’re serving. And it better be authentic. 

Join us during this panel, where in light of the crisis we want to talk about why it’s important to invest in culture. We will discuss the power of contemporary culture, and how, with the right attitude, it can help grow your brand while contributing to the growth of communities.


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Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt has a profound background in music as one of the gatekeepers in the 90s at one of Amsterdam’s absolute gems, Fat Beats. Seeing the culture as a multi-facet and rich environment, Gee moved into streetwear and co-founded Patta. A good fifteen years later, Patta is one of the most influential brands in its genre and branched out into the fields of fashion, art, sports, design and music.


Eugene Kan is a Hong Kong-based creative who was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is the former Editorial Director at HYPEBEAST.com. Together with partner Alex Maeland, the two founded MAEKAN.com, a ground-breaking platform focused on challenging creative culture through provocative stories and discussions around purpose and reason. Beyond his role at MAEKAN as Editor-in-Chief, he serves as a co-founder of Adam Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative agency.


Since 2014, Ladieslovehiphop has created memorable experiences for the culture in Stockholm, Sweden. A journey that started as a DJ-collective and club concept due to the lack of female representation and musical diversity, has become a creative movement with a strong community.
Producing a space for likeminded people has led to collbas with some of the most influential people and brands in the industry. The collective is still growing and developing striving to project quality and authenticity in everything they do, and most importantly to always put the love for music and culture first. 


Gunifort is co-owner of- and publisher at MENDO, a publishing company and bookstore known for curating visually driven publications.

Born in Rwanda, Guny moved to the Netherlands with his parents at a young age. After a short-lived career in banking, he decided that he’d rather pursue his love for books and contemporary culture.

About Eurosonic Noorderslag

Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) is a non-profit, European artist only, 100% showcase festival and music conference. Selling out each year ESNS attracts over 4.000 professional delegates, including 400 international festivals, and showcases around 350 European artists for over 40.000 visitors total. By day an international music conference takes place in the conference centre, De Oosterpoort, with 150 panels, keynotes, interviews, workshops, dinners, pitches, parties, presentations and meetings on the latest developments in the European and international music, media, production and interactive industry. 

By night, during the two showcase festivals (Eurosonic and Noorderslag), musical talent has the chance to present itself to an international audience of music lovers and professionals. Eurosonic is the stepping stone for European acts, taking place in 40 different locations throughout the city centre of Groningen from Wednesday till Friday. This year however we’re looking at a fully digital execution of the festival which gives an entirely new dimension to both the conference as well as the performances.

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