Alex Weller


The G-Check series are our lighthearted conversations with friends from the industry. Original thinkers who share their passions and views with us. Today, meet Alex Weller. Husband, dad and skate veteran with a big passion for the outdoors.

“I’m from London, but I’ve lived in Amsterdam for eight years now. Married, with two kids. I work for Patagonia, looking after Marketing for Europe.”

What has been your best 2020 moment so far?
That hasn’t happened yet. I’m waiting for Trump to get voted out.

What should we watch?
There are two films very recently that I have found super inspiring. One is a Patagonia clip, called Becoming Ruby. It talks to the experience of a young black woman in America, who found her way into Mountain Biking, which like much of outdoor sport suffers from a severe lack of diversity and representation. I would also checkout Purple Mountains, a film by Jeremy Jones about voting for the climate.

What should we listen to?

Listen to the ‘Drilled’ podcast. It will blow your mind. Also ‘Looking Sideways’.

Favorite recent brand campaign?

I don’t really follow the wider marketing industry, but I do keep an eye on circularity trends in product and I was really impressed with the recent launch of Cyclon by On Running. It’s a great example of business trying to push innovation in a responsible way. And it’s a pretty nice looking running shoe IMO.

Who or what inspires you right now?

It is such a crazy time in the world and so much is happening that is creating a lot of uncertainty. But there is also a lot of self-reflection that I believe will lead to positive change. Within all that there are so many voices of hope, people using their energy and platform to advocate for a better future. Here’s a few that continue to inspire me:

What new skill would you like to pick up?

I still suck at surfing. I think I always will, but I’m trying to get better, which is pretty damn hard here in The Netherlands BTW.

Instagram account to follow and why.

I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial here, but Instagram is such a horrible addiction and I think 95% of what/who I follow (and put out myself) is just mindless nonsense. BUT, for some mindful beauty, follow @robin_ek.

Favorite spot in the world.

Lofoten Islands, Norway. It’s in the Arctic Circle. There aren’t many places here in Europe that feel completely wild. I’ve been there twice, and I’m currently trying to plan a return trip by train next spring.

Favorite off-screen activity.

Riding my bike(s). There’s a nice little crew here in Amsterdam of veteran (old) skateboarders who now ride bikes. It’s great to ride and set the world straight with like-minded people.

Best advice you’ve ever received.

Put your energy into the things you can influence and change. Don’t get stressed about the things that you can’t (I don’t always follow that advice BTW).

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Give a shit about climate breakdown. Vote in climate champions. Ride bikes.

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