The G-Check series are our lighthearted conversations with friends from the industry. Original thinkers who share their passions and views with us. Next up is Dao-Yi Chow. A native New Yorker, fanatic runner and creative entrepreneur. 

“Dao-Yi Chow, 46, Brooklyn, NY, Co-Founder Public School NYC, husband and father of two beautiful boys.”

Who or what inspires you right now?
Organizers and activists who are on the streets putting in work directly with affected communities and constituents.

What should we watch?

Just finished The Queen’s Gambit and currently binging All or Nothing season 2 featuring Tottenham Hotspurs.

What should we listen to?

Stretch and Bobbito Radio on Apple Music.

Best 2020 moment so far.

Staying healthy and being close to my family who’s also been able to stay healthy.

What new skill would you like to pick up?


What is your favorite place in the world and why?

NYC. Home is where the heart is. I get to witness grace and resiliency every time I step outside. 

Describe your favorite off-screen activity.

Tied between running and tennis.

What is your favorite recent brand campaign or brand initiative?

Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs.

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