The G-Check series are our lighthearted conversations with friends from the industry. Original thinkers who share their passions and views with us. Up next is a true friend of the agency. The man who made GOWTU’s very first music video, a visual wizard and one of the kindest people we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Quentin Deronzier.

My name’s Quentin Deronzier, 29 years old (probably 30 when this interview comes out), I am a visual artist/director based in Annecy, France. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to work in something artistic so I went to a special highschool that was half general courses and half art courses. I got my diploma when I was 19 and started working as an Art Director in multiple advertising agencies between Paris and Amsterdam. At some point, I got frustrated by the agency world and wanted to develop my own style as well as choosing my own projects. I moved freelance in 2016 and began by working mostly in the music industry before slowly getting more commercial work. Last year, I signed at LAPAC (Parisian production) who’ve helped me grow as a director.”

Who or what inspires you right now and why?
Lately, I’ve been following the work of director Alberto Mielgo. He developed a unique style blending painting with realistic 3D animation. His short film “The Witness” (from the show Love Death Robot) blew my mind both stylewise and storywise.

What new skill would you like to pick up?
Writing dialogues. I’m working more and more with storytelling in my work and despite how much I love dialogues I’m still not great at writing it 🙂

What should we watch?

I recently binge watched  the films of Satoshi Kon. I love his uninhibited creativity and how he cleverly blends real and surreal. If you haven’t seen his work, I’d recommend his last feature (before passing away) called Paprika.

What should we listen to?

I’m currently listening to Jaden’s “CTV3” mixtape. It’s pretty fresh and chill. Despite what people can say about him, I love how he always challenges himself creatively.

Professional highlight of 2020 so far?

The Drake collaboration. It was such a great opportunity for me. The craziest part of this was how involved he was in the project. We were chatting one on one and exchanging creative ideas during the whole process. Usually, it always has to go through the artist’s management and it slows the process or makes it less spontaneous.

What sparks your creativity?

I don’t necessarily have a specific trigger for creativity. I’d say it comes from an aggregation of everything I saw, experienced, felt, learned through the years. I unconsciously mix and match all this “data” to come up with ideas.

What is your favorite spot in the world and why?
I’d say Tokyo but maybe it’s a bit too obvious so let’s say Naoshima island. It has some of the most impactful art installations I’ve ever seen in my life and it reminds me of my time in Japan.

Which artist should we keep an eye on?

You should check SUNUNGURO. He is a British digital artist who started doing filters for music artists and is now collaborating with brands. He recently worked with Louis Vuitton for their latest SS21 show.

Final question. What’s your favorite off-screen activity.

Writing. It’s my new thing 🙂

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