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The G-Check series are our lighthearted conversations with friends from the industry. Original thinkers who share their passions and views with us. Next in the series is Samuel de Goede, a master of aesthetics and style, an extraordinary draftsman and avid plant enthusiast.

Samuel de Goede, 37, Amsterdam, High Sensitive, Introvert, ADD, INFJ-T. Father, husband, friend. Working as design director at textile innovation studio BYBORRE, where I’m responsible for the design part whenever our fabrics converge with clothing. For example in our in-house label as well as on design services projects for clients ranging from arctic explorers to world leading sportswear brands. I arrived at this particular spot via a meandering path, following my interests and intuition, always wandering, sometimes a bit lost.

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Who inspires you right now and why?
So far this week I’ve been excited to look at Giuseppe Penone again, he’s been one of my favorite artists for years but I hadn’t properly taken in his work for a bit. To me his art manages to “show time”, both conceptually as well as that some of the actual pieces literally couldn’t exist if the artist hadn’t allowed them the proper time. I strongly believe that sometimes things just take a while. Someone else who I always keep coming back to is Azuma Makoto, who interestingly enough also works with nature and in a way with suspending time. I guess both nature and time are things I’m thinking a lot about at the moment. Closer to home, my wife who is unrelenting in her fight for a better world, our kid who is the best mirror imaginable and inspiring in how pure he is in his approach to everything.

Although not a who, I’ve been thinking about camouflage a lot lately. I’m also excited by what is happening in typography and graphic design at the moment. And I’m always inspired by Jurassic Park, gotta keep that kid in me happy.

What should we listen to?

I learned a lot from Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem in conversation on this episode of On Being, and sent it around to people close to me. It only makes sense to share it here as well. Also, Rabbit Hole, an audio series about what the internet is doing to us. For a while now one of my deepest senses of unease has come from the erosion of truth that is happening all over the world, right before our eyes. This series is about that. (Shoutout to Matta for pointing me there!)
Finally my man GILA just dropped the first single for his forthcoming LP and it’s super dope.

What should we watch?

The Midnight Gospel by Duncan Trussel and Pendleton Ward (the creator of Adventure Time). This is mind blowing and groundbreaking on so many levels. It makes me happy knowing that these kinds of things can still get made. That final episode, pfff!

Favorite Instagram account?
“The Most Quiet Place on the Internet”: @landaconservatory. I’m seeing a lot of parallels between where we are today and the late 60’s/early 70’s, everything from visual culture and music to massive movements for civil rights and social change, but this time with the internet in the mix. E.g. people are en masse figuring out what online activism could be. Amidst all of that I also detect a sort of cautious optimism about the future again. This account, in all its simplicity, fits right in and is an interesting look at what mindfulness and meditation could look like online. It’s hopeful!
What new skill would you like to pick up?

I like this question! Small scale sculpture, I have a theory about the inherent preciousness of small things created with care that I would like to explore more. But also, I just want to make a bunch of cool little toys.

Describe your favorite off-screen activity.

The fact that you felt the need to define the “off-screen” part in this question says alot about the state of the world, no? But to answer: being able to spend time truly connecting with my kid and/or other loved ones, slowing down (or at least attempting to), reading, drawing, sitting down around a table to play games with friends, gardening.

What is your favorite spot in the world and why?

Right now I find myself drawn to our local botanical garden the Hortus a lot, as well as spending as much time as possible in our own garden. As to why? I mean, plants… 🌱🌿

Favorite recent brand campaign?

Don’t know if it should be called a campaign, but I’m impressed by the clear stance that Ben & Jerry’s has taken in this fight for a better world. And yes I’m aware that they’re part of a giant multinational, which in a way only makes it better, they’re deep in corpo land and still not afraid to go this hard.

What has been your best 2020 moment so far?

Pfff, 2020! I guess deciding to start talking to a psychologist. I finally came to the realization that I was trying to work through too much on my own. I believe it’s important to be open about these kinds of things, mental health is everything and it is bullshit that there are still so many stigmas around improving it! Remember flying? Well, “secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting others” applies here as well. Go ahead and, (and this is very much a note to self as well) read that self help book, start meditating, go on walks, take breaks, take naps, take your time. Take care of you!

Anything else you would like to share?

First of all, thanks for thinking of me. As I was typing up these answers I realised that too many of the people or work I mentioned/linked to above are white and male. I’m aware that through welcoming me onto your platform I in turn am given the opportunity to amplify. I feel I haven’t made the best use of that and know that this is problematic, and it was eye opening to realize how strong my unconscious bias is.

I know I have antiracist work to do here. Black Lives Matter!

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