object blue and TSVI are both fixtures of the London scene, operating at the bleeding edge of contemporary club music. Inspired by “ever-present conversations about machines and sentience”, Thought Experiment sees the producers ricocheting blistering synthesis around a dense and seething percussive landscape to create what they term “body music”.

This becomes the perfect score for Italian-born, London-based artist and director Matteo Zamagni to explore a mysterious, hyper-real digital world in the frenetic visual accompaniment. “The whole video was built inside a game engine called Unreal Engine” explains Zamagni. “This enabled me to have a much faster workflow and a high degree of freedom to create interactive and sound reactive visuals whilst retaining great quality graphics.”

Warning: This video contains strong flashing light
it may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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